The Ministry of Labour defines an Laser Safety Officer (LSO) as “an individual with the training and experience to knowledgeably administer a laser safety program”. They are responsible for monitoring and overseeing the control of laser hazards. Management must ensure the LSO receives adequate training on potential laser hazards, risk assessment, control measures, applicable standards and regulations, medical surveillance (if applicable), and any other pertinent information pertaining to laser safety.

A Laser Safety Officer is responsible for:

  • conducting hazard evaluations and establishing laser treatment controlled areas
  • approving standard operating procedures (SOPs), administrative policies, procedural controls, and the wording on area warning signs and equipment labels
  • determining the personnel categories (i.e. incidental or laser personnel) and assuring adequate safety education and training are provided
  • recommending and approving protective equipment and engineering safety features prior to use
    assuring that the prescribed control measures are implemented and comply with applicable federal, provincial/territorial, and local regulations
  • periodically auditing the functionality of control measures in use and correcting deficiencies in a timely manner