Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are a set of detailed step-by-step written instructions which are compiled to assist workers to carry out specific operations – safely, efficiently and uniformly. SOPs are an integral part of a Laser Safety Program and should be written for each laser that is used in the facility that poses a potential risk to the health and safety of employees or patients.

A well written SOP can be extremely effective for many reasons:

  • New employee training & orientation – eliminates the “I didn’t know” factor
  • Keeps safety, quality, and efficiency consistent throughout
  • Identifies critical tasks and allows for clear communication among staff and management
  • Assists in Accident / Incident investigation
  • Satisfies Health and Safety audits and compliance requirements
  • Reduces overall risks and costs associated with incidents for the organization

Putting together a complete laser safety program can be a daunting task, but Canadian Laser Safety (CLS) has taken the guess work out of what to include.

Each attendee of CLS’s unique Aesthetic Laser Safety Officer Training program receives a comprehensive 60 page + Laser Safety Binder which can be customized to meet the needs of each facility – During training, the attendees are walked through the binder step by step. In addition to a guideline of SOP’s the binder includes templates for LSO Assignment, Personal Protective Equipment charts, Duties and Responsibilities of staff, Emergency Procedures & Policies, Accident Reports, Safety Checklists, and many more forms and templates which can assist in putting together a complete Laser Safety Program for your facility.