Yes! All lasers currently used for hair removal in Canada are designated in the highest hazard classes of lasers (Class 3B & Class 4). It is the responsibility of the business owner and LSO to make employees aware of the requirements for safe use of laser hair removal devices. It is then the responsibility of employees to follow the instructions they have been given. For incidental personnel, this means that they must be aware of the risks associated with exposure to laser hair removal equipment and comply with all safety rules and procedures. For laser personnel, this means that they must:

  1. Receive authorization from the LSO to use laser hair removal devices at the facility
  2. Receive Laser Safety Officer training and emergency procedures applicable to the laser they are operating
  3. Be knowledgeable of all applicable standards and regulations and comply with safety rules and procedures, as outlined by the LSO
  4. Undergo a full medical examination following a suspected laser injury
  5. Document injuries involving lasers and report them to the LSO
  6. Maintain an accurate record of all laser operations