Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are an integral part of a Laser Safety Program

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are a set of detailed step-by-step written instructions which are compiled to assist workers to carry out specific operations - safely, efficiently and uniformly. SOPs are an integral part of a Laser Safety Program and should be written for each laser that is used in the facility that poses a potential [...]

The Skinny on Laser Protective Eyewear

Are you wearing the correct Laser protective eyewear? Eyewear is THE most important piece of personal protective equipment needed by those operating lasers. Most laser accidents happen because protective eyewear was simply not worn, it was damaged, or most commonly, the incorrect protective eyewear was being used. Not all Laser Protective Eyewear is created equal They must [...]

Laser Hair Removal “Smell”. Is it a Biohazard?

Finally, a report has recently been published regarding the infamous “smell” during laser hair removal. You know the one... The one patients ask about..."what is that? Smells like popcorn or is it burnt hair? Or is that my skin?!” The smell your instructors and manufacturers have told you is a sign of an effective treatment. [...]

Laser Classifications: What is a Class 4 Laser?

Lasers and laser systems are categorized into classes. The classifications categorize lasers according to their ability to produce damage to those around them, from Class 1 (no hazard during normal use) to Class 4 (severe hazard for eyes and skin). The safety requirements are linked to the laser classification. Manufacturers and importers are required by [...]

The Role of a Laser Safety Officer (LSO)

The Ministry of Labour defines an Laser Safety Officer (LSO) as "an individual with the training and experience to knowledgeably administer a laser safety program". They are responsible for monitoring and overseeing the control of laser hazards. Management must ensure the LSO receives adequate training on potential laser hazards, risk assessment, control measures, applicable standards [...]