At Canadian Laser Safety (CLS) we believe in excellence. CLS is an administrative authority whose objective is to deliver high-quality, industry specific, Laser Safety Officer education and training ensuring compliance with regulations; promoting awareness to industry; and collaborating with members to improve the state of laser safety in Canada.

We believe in being a major contributor to quality and standards by playing an active role in determining the future direction of lasers and light-based therapies in all laser settings from health care, to aesthetic to industrial industry across the country.

Canadian Laser Safety believes that safety will improve through Education. It’s about building on what you know and what you can do. Our reputation is built on the relevance of our programs, the industry experience of its superb faculty, the dedication of its staff and the capabilities of its members.

About Canadian Laser Safety

We prepare today’s laser technicians for tomorrow’s lasers and workplaces. We have developed comprehensive programming, multiple pathways and supports for students to achieve their educational and employment goals. We provide excellence in education and skills development by encouraging all students to be lifelong members. We contribute with solution-focused activities in collaboration with business, industry and government agencies. We develop a culture that encourages safety, responsibility and embracing change in the interest of organizational effectiveness.


Students and Members are the central focus of Canadian Laser Safety’s Mission and Vision. Thus, two overarching goals serve as the foundation of all we do:


We strive to be the Canadian model for lifelong access opportunities to Laser Safety education and training. Our plans to this end include an array of academic opportunities and memberships; partnership agreements with governments, colleges, universities, boards of education, manufacturers, distributors, insurance companies, community groups and industry associations; and supports and services that promote access and student success.


Student engagement and success are the most important results we deliver. These outcomes are unequivocal. We achieve them through expert faculty and staff, relevant curricula for each course geared specific to the industry, valued credentials, opportunities for lifelong learning experiences through membership, personal development, varied delivery options through in class or online, and appropriate supports and services that are timely and targeted to individual student needs.

In order to achieve the expected results from these two goals, we pursue a strategic direction that differentiates our institution in a meaningful way, adding value for our students and members, their employers, our employees, the communities we serve and, ultimately, society as a whole.


We are proud to announce that Spa Inc. Magazine, along with the support of Leading Spas of Canada has awarded Canadian Laser Safety the Education Award for 2019! We are very excited to have been awarded this certificate for outstanding education in the Canadian spa and wellness industry and to be recognized for our commitment to provide the most effective safety standards and training programs. This accomplishment attests to Canadian Laser Safety’s ongoing commitment to wellness and safety. What sets us apart is our pledge to provide the most up to date safety protocols presented by experienced and professional trainers. Knowing that our work is helping the spa and laser industry inspires us to uphold the values under which Canadian Laser Safety was created. We thank Spa Inc. Magazine and Leading Spas of Canada for showcasing Canadian Laser Safety as the leaders in the spa and wellness industry and we look forward to next year.